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Amy Hagerup, The Vitamin Shepherd: 262-208-4950 (in USA)
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Amy Hagerup, the Vitamin ShepherdHi there!

My name is Amy Hagerup and I am your Vitamin Shepherd. Well, let me clarify that. I am absolutely passionate about improving our health the natural way. That involves a lot of things as you well know - eating right, exercising, managing stress, getting good sleep.

But, one of the key elements missing for many people is investing in good, natural, whole-food vitamins - vitamins the body recognizes as "food" and uses them where needed.

So, what do I do?

I specialize in guiding people to the right supplements to both solve health issues and to build health at the cellular level to avoid future health issues.

I guide people in the same way a shepherd guides his flock - gently, seeking to keep the flock from harm, giving the flock what they need to thrive on green pastures.

That is why I am known as the Vitamin Shepherd.

Basically, Shaklee is a powerful wellness brand that incorporates well-rounded wellness to help you have a wellness lifestyle. 

What kinds of health challenges are you experiencing right now?

Difficulty sleeping? Arthritis? High cholesterol? I can share with you some great natural products to help you solve those problems.

Or do you have no energy? Need to lose weight? Have hyper kids? I have some solutions for those challenges too.

Are you into having no toxins in your home and work environments? I'm with you there. Shaklee offers great green cleaning products that will also save you money. Gotta keep those pastures green and flourishing!

Do you have too much month left over after the end of the money?

I also am a business coach to help you earn a solid income with the Shaklee business opportunity. Find out more here. 

One great thing about people like you and me is that we act on new knowledge once we verify it. (I know that about you because you went to the trouble to come to this site and now you are reading this!)

Shaklee Corporation offers the best products that science and nature have to offer and they are 100% money back guaranteed. 

With products like these, you can't help but share them with others so they can benefit too.

Shaklee offers you a choice - whether you are interested in better physical health or better financial health - or both! I would love to talk with you about your situation to find out what you are looking and to see if Shaklee is a good fit for you. 

Contact me at 262-208-4950 or amy@hagerup.org for more information.

Join my private facebook group for health nuggest. http://www.facebook.com/groups/sharinghealthandlove

Health is less expensive than sickness, but you have to pay for good health sooner!

Sharing health and love,

Amy ~ the Vitamin Shepherd!